5 BAD Habits to Give Up If You Want to Be 10x MORE Successful with Women (these DESTROY Confidence)

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In today’s video, we’re going to show you 5 bad habits to give up if you want to be successful with women. These are 5 habits that DESTROY confidence.

Let me ask you something:

Do you want to know how to impress a girl? Want to know how to get a girlfriend?
These bad habits are 5 things that success insiders DO NOT do, that help them to know how to attract a girl and make her melt.

And for today’s video, we will show you exactly where to begin if you want to learn how to attract women. Curious yet? Here’s a hint: it begins with you. Yes, that’s right. You should look at yourself and evaluate because maybe, there are habits that you need to change or things that you need to give up if you want to be successful with women. Every one of us is aware that there are certain things to give up if we want to be successful at anything, and that applies to getting the girl as well.

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Succeed With Women – How to Get Women to Want You

In this article I am going to show you some simple principles that will help you make women want you. I hope that when you finish reading this article you will claim your power back, and stop relying on luck.

Practice Detaching From the Outcome For Massive And Effortless Seduction

If you are too focused on what you want, you might not get it. It may be better to simply forget about it and have some fun.

The Trading Partner Seduction Model

All human interactions is based on exchange. Understand this and you’ll be light years ahead of everybody else.

The Power Of Your Fears For Massive Seductive Potential

Most people have at least heard about Breaking Bad. Most people say it’s one of the best TV shows in the history of TV. Judging by the user ratings over at the Internet Movie Database, it’s definitely in the top three or four.

Do You Make These Mistakes When Talking to Women?

At some point in time a guy will usually screw up something when talking to a woman. This is of course totally natural. The thing you need to be aware of though is that you want to keep those mistakes down so that you don’t blow your chances with the girl.

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