20+ Signs She’s Just Not That Into You | Dating Advice for Men in 2020 | #FriendZone

20+ Signs She’s Just Not That Into You | Dating Advice for Men in 2020 | #FriendZone

You long for her but suspect you’ll be in the #friendzone forever and need to know the signs she’s just not that into you because you’re too close to think clearly.

20+ Signs She’s Just Not Into You … She:

1. Doesn’t reply to text or sends short replies
2. Doesn’t send flirt emojis
3. Says or texts “Awww ☺️…” to your compliments
4. Doesn’t reciprocate compliments
5. Takes forever to reply during text/IM convo’s
6. Doesn’t try to keep a convo going
7. Is always “too busy” to see you
8. Cancels plans (especially if it’s to ___…)
9. Doesn’t include you in her world
10. Puts physical space between you
11. Argues (not a test!)
12. Never initiates convo or asks to hang out
13. Only sees you if she has no other plans
14. Talks about guys she likes
15. Avoids being tagged with you on social media
16. Is vague when you ask her out
17. Doesn’t try to reschedule plans with you
18. Avoids running into you in public
19. Avoids being alone with you
20. Doesn’t do couple-y things with you
21. Always let’s you pay or…
22. Never let’s you pay!

Yep, the more of these signs you’ve seen, the more likely you are in the friend zone, my friend.

To understand more about what she’s thinking when she displays these signs she’s just not that into you, watch the video.

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